I returned from my travels to find that I have been nominated for an award??!!!!!  *blush*  THANK YOU SO MUCH ANARTY!!!! !!!YOUR blog is lovely….

7 things you don’t  know about me…

*I have an entire room for my closet and collect shoes, clothes, hats, belts& everything that is fashion.(been collecting for years)

*I wish i knew how to make and do everything…all the time.

*I love many many types of music but instrumentals are my favorite.

*haven’t shown any of my own art on my blog. (well, one photo)

*I’m a hairstylist

*20’s-40’s are my favorite eras.Such a classy time in fashion.

*I am an insatiable flirt. (was just born that way)&(never with your boyfriend..that’s just a no no)

My nominations:   (can i do that??renominate?? <3)

I could go on and on..It’s too hard to choose.




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5 thoughts on “humbly.

  1. arrrg!!! can’t figure out how to get the links to work…I selected the link button…can anyone help!!!!

  2. eyes Of Odysseus on said:

    and congrats!!!!

  3. Thank you so much!
    I have enjoyed you blogging.

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